A Short Guide To A Secure Future

by Stephen Stretton


Welcome to 'Plan A', an interdisciplinary guide to tackling climate change, making our economy work better, and improving energy security.
Summary for Policy Makers and Citizens

About This Book

There are multiple crises facing our country and the world at the current time: an economic crisis, a crisis in energy security and resource depletion, and a climate change crisis associated with the burning of fossil fuels. This short guide aims to express the simplest set of solutions for tackling these crises in a realistic, positive and practical way.

The idea of the guide is that it is 'always finished'. In the early stages it will have the advantage of being short and simple. In the later stages it is hopeful that it will be comprehensive, deal with potential objections, and can benefit from the comments and suggestions of friends and colleagues.
Front Matter & Overview (pdf)
About This Book (pdf)