Stephen Stretton

Climate Change, Energy Policy, Credit Risk and Finance


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Selected Blog Posts

Working Papers


  • Stretton, 30th September 2009, "Pricing carbon and taxing energy: A guide for the perplexed" Presentation at the Centre for Alternative Technology Policy Workshop for Zero Carbon Britain 2.
  • Stretton, 14th September 2009, "Climate change policy given political constraints" Presentation for Caius Graduate Arts Society, Gonville and Caius College.
  • Stretton, 30th March 2009, "The Critical Path - Energy System Decarbonization" Presentation at the Centre for Alternative Technology Energy Supply Workshop for Zero Carbon Britain 2.
  • Stretton, 12th November 2008, "The Carbon Catch-22 - Financing Energy Systems Change, Land Economy Seminar Series.
  • Stretton, 25th September 2008, "Financial Options to Promote Investment in Low Carbon Electricity" British Institute of Energy Economics Conference, University of Oxford.
  • Stretton, Barker and Dagoumas, 2 July 2008, "Carbon and Energy Price Uncertainty Analysis Using the Global E3MG Model" International Energy Workshop, International Energy Agency, Paris.